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Gamayun, s.r.o. je holdingová spoločnosť so sídlom v Bratislave, v Slovenskej republike. V roku 2015 bol založený ako „projektová spoločnosť “ a zároveň sme sa mohli transformovať na nadnárodnú holdingovú spoločnosť s našími pobočkami v Sofii, Vilniuse, Minsku, Kyjeve a Rige. Naše spoločnosti ponúkajú klientom kompletnú škálu služieb od základného vývoja softvéru až po vytváranie sofistikovaných systémov, ktoré zahŕňajú podporu výroby aj poskytnutie zamestnancov. Od roku 2018 poskytuje Gamayun naším klientom aj konzultačné, účtovné a audítorské služby a od tretieho štvrťroka budeme rozširovať našu zákaznícku základňu. Gamayun je spoločnosť, ktorá prilákala odborníkov z mnohých prostredí, ako je softvérové inžinierstvo, riadenie procesov, výroba, hazardé hry, športové stávky, obchod a vývoj produktov, marketing a mnoho ďalších odvetví... Títo ľudia nielenže priniesli svoj jedinečný súbor zručností, ale vytvorili aj vysoko konkurenčne schopné produkty, ako napríklad FINDER, SoScan, Phoenix Processing, Phoenix Money Management.
Boli sme schopní zabezpečiť projekty pre organizácie ako Ministerstvo obrany ČĽR, CHABAD, Promatic , StarBet a ďalšie.
Pridajte sa k nám ako zákazník, partner alebo profesionál, pretože GAMAYUN vie ako nato!!!

The Team

  • Wjatscheslaw Kravtchenko

    Wjatscheslaw Kravtchenko

    Founder, CEO

    Born in the USSR to a family of scientists and engineers, Wjatscheslaw Kravtchenko has been growing up in Austria where he attended a Secondary College for Informatics and Data Processing. After his Military Service, he has joined the last days of the .COM Era focusing on the “liberalisation of the telecom industry” as a Junior Billing Systems Specialist at Cybertron A.G.
    The love for the numbers has led him into the investment banking working as a lead developer on one of the first European online brokerage houses CAIBON.COM (Creditanstalt Investment Bank AG). After a successful merger with the German HYPO Group, Wjatscheslaw has moved on to serve as an International Civil Servant at UNODC Headquarters in Vienna. During his service as a specialist in forensic accounting and his later role as anti-money laundering policy advisor Wjatscheslaw has received several awards for his outstanding service including the
    UN21 Commendation while simultaneously studying Applied Mathematics in the field of Intelligent Decision Support Systems at the National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev. After retiring from the civil service, Wjatscheslaw has moved into the Electronic Money and Payments Industry founding Emoney, s.r.o. together with a group of like-minded individuals.
    Currently, Wjatscheslaw is enjoying his role as the CEO and Founder of Gamayun, s.r.o.

  • Ann Maisner photo

    Maksim Aleksiayevich

    Founder, CTO

    Maksim - Director & Co-Founder Gamaun s.r.o., (Bratislava) since February 2015 has executive responsibility as Technical Director, resident in Bratislava, the Slovak Republic since 2012. Maksim has been instrumental in evolving a raft of projects and IT client driven commitments since its inception.
    Born (1980), in Minsk, the Soviet Republic of Belarus into a family of professionals, he has an extensive track record building upon his studies at the Belarusian State University of Informatics & Electronics.
    From 2012 to 2015, Maksim held the position of Senior Technical Consultant for Emoney s.r.o., (Bratislava) a leading e-money payments business with the start-up recognised as a bespoke developer for payment solutions mainly focused on the Casino sector.
    Maksim has additional business interests including UAB IT, (formally UAB An Long), based in Vilnius, Latvia since 2015. Past executive positions include Managing Director ViTrans LTD 2004-2013, Chief Engineer, JV “Belor Design LTD, 2010-2013.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Radoslav Černak

    Director for Business Development

    Radoslav was born in the ČSSR, 1980. Growing up in Nitra, he has been a rising football star during his early years and finally attended Hotel Academy at his home city. After completing his military service, he moved to Germany starting as a dishwasher in a small village near Rosenheim.
    The "gastro-journey" continued for roughly four years ending in a Service Manager position at one of the TOP 20 restaurants in Germany. The home was calling and with that Radoslav made a move into the sales. The successful salesman career went from insurance and retail to advertising and culminated as one of the TOP 50 key account managers at the DELL Corporation.
    Rado was "feeling lucky" even before Google started using it, so the next logical career move was into the Gaming business. Starting from operations and quickly advancing into business development, he has successfully applied his skills in the new industry. Eventually, Rado has joined KAJOT as Chief Sales Executive for Slovakia. Serving for the Eastern European gaming giant for over the three years he has significantly increased companies presence and turnover.
    In December 2018, Rado joined Gamayun, s.r.o. as Director for Business Development.

  • Petar Mitsev

    Petar Mitsev

    CEO Big Polar, Sofia

    He was born in 1986 in Sofia, Bulgaria to a family of scholars and businesspeople. Petar was growing up in the nineties; his adolescence years were coined by the hardships of a newly rebuilding country and economic system. Petar was growing up as an avid kid with a big passion for electronics. Following his graduation from middle school, Petar went to the Professional School for Electrical Engineering, graduating with excellence he enrolled in the New Bulgarian University.
    Petar started working in various management positions in the vibrant Sofia restaurant and night-club scene. When he saw the opportunity to join the rapidly upcoming gaming business, he had no hesitations and applied for an electrical engineer position at a factory assembling slot machines and mechanical roulettes.
    Petar has promptly moved into the slots operations where he started as a slot attendant quickly running up the career ladder to become a Junior executive at Casino Technology in just a few years — serving in Product development and International Project management.
    After retiring in 2015, Petar has joined the Gamayun management team; from 2018 Petar is the CEO of Big Polar Ltd. focused on gaming consulting. Regulatory and certification issues and IT services.

  • Andris Vaivods

    Andris Vaivods

    Investor Relations, Riga

    Born and raised in Soviet Latvia, Andris Vaivods has been growing up in a rural area. After graduating from middle school, he enrolled in Latvia State University and graduated with the Master's degree in Economics.
    Right after graduation and up until today, Andris has been involved in multiple investment projects. He started with Lattelecom, a primary IT&T service provider in Latvia, where he worked as the Director at the Corporate Customers Department. Later on, he moved on to work as the Financial Advisor for various companies, where he got in-depth knowledge about the business development processes across the industries. Enterprises of the Carlsberg Group and VITOL are some of the most known companies where Andris assisted in raising funds for business development. Since 2015 he has been working in Fintech space advising the different start-ups with fundraising and product launches.
    Andris is a member of the Gamayun management team and is based in Riga, Latvia.

  • Eva Gocnikova

    Head of Accounting Services

    Eva was born in ČSSR in the beautiful southern city of Šturovo. Growing up she attended a private boarding school and enrolled at the Slovak State University to study business and administration.
    While still at the University Eva has recognised the vast potential of the rapidly growing gambling industry and started her first position as a Slot Attendant for the Game World Group. Being seven years on the job, she has mastered all the career steps and retired from Gaming as of Head of Casino in 2008. Eva has worked in various gastronomic venues at management positions and consultancy level before taking a career break in 2012.
    In 2015 Eva joined the Gamayun group as a Project Consultant and established the groups Accounting Division in 2018 which she is heading until today. Eva Gocnikova is the CEO of AVC-SK, s.r.o. an Industrial Automation and Consulting Company based in Čadca, Slovakia.

  • Volodymyr Melnychuk

    Volodymyr Melnychuk

    The Architect, Android & Web Architect

    Born in Ukraine to a family of Philologists of the German language, Volodymyr was not so fond of human languages and made his first attempts programming in his early childhood at ZX-Spectrum. He has graduated with honours from the Economic University, Krivoy Rog with a masters degree in Economic Cybernetics. Volodymyr is a PhD student with his thesis focused on the mining of minerals, 3D modelling of quarries and accounting; he has also been teaching Software Engineering to students at his Alma Mater.
    With the start of the smart-phone era, he has dived into Windows mobile and found himself migrating to Android when Microsoft has discontinued its mobile platform. Volodymyr has migrated numerous Windows applications including enterprise level apps to Android and became an expert in development and architecture. His portfolio includes not only Android but a range of various web applications that vary from a "simple" online store to rather complex Sports Betting applications.
    Currently, Volodymyr is a Senior Android Architect and Project Manager at Gamayun, where he is responsible for a line of products.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Oleh Korchytskyi

    The Architect, Senior iOS Architect (UI/UX)

    Oleh was born in Ukraine, Kriviy Rih in 1992. He has attended the National Aviation University. Oleh’s primary interest was in software development that has earned him a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering.
    Аfter the graduation he started working at a local software company as a web developer. Over time Oleh took part in many different software projects, gradually becoming a developer for mobile applications starting as an Android developer and later as moving to iOS development.
    Oleh had joined Gamayun as a freelancer to work on large enterprise CRM app even before it became a company in 2015 ever since he has relocated to Bratislava, the Slovak Republic where to this day he is responsible for the iOS magic.