At Gamayun, we work daily with forward-thinking industry professionals using advanced systems focused on leveraging technology to increase business performance. Our philosophy is to work one-on-one with your team to understand your goals, business processes, and current information systems capabilities.

Services we provide

  • Accounting/Asset management

    Gamayun Accounting Services is a recently established department with the aim to provide accounting, payroll and asset management services to a range of international clients including and beyond gaming business. It is our purpose to make your bookkeeping transparent and comprehensible, to make your planning and decision-making easier, to contribute to the efficient control of your assets, and by combining the knowledge of your business and our dynamic approach to optimise your tax burden.

    Currently, we offer the following services:
    - complete processing of accounting documents
    - bookkeeping and consultancy activities
    - preparing and filing of VAT returns
    - preparing of monthly reports
    - preparation of financial statements
    - tax returns
    - archiving accounting documentation
    - processing of salaries

  • Certification Services

    Gamayun has long established itself in the market for the development and production of gaming, money-management equipment and software systems. We have long-term experience in product certification in various markets in Europe.

    We are working with:
    BMM Testlabs
    BelGISS, Belarus
    TSU, Slovakia
    BIM, Bulgaria

    Gamayun will guide, compose, process technical and administrative requirements and prepare your products for the certification following the regulations of the target country and region.

  • Product Sales

    Have you developed a product and don't have any ideas on how to market it? Would you preferably focus on product development instead of going to sales meetings?
    Gamayuns' partners are based in Europe, a few Asian countries, South America and Africa. We can identify, recommend sales strategies and make the right introductions to save you from unexpected financial losses before entering the market. Gamayun will prepare a comprehensive approach and market analysis for your product.
    We are striving to maximise business by minimising our customers' costs, investments and finding the optimal sales strategy.

  • Gaming Operations Consulting

    Gamayun's Team has over eight years of experience in operating gaming venues. Slovakia, Bulgaria and Poland are our home markets; however, we can rely on our partner networks in other countries with long-term know-how in this field.
    Gamayun will advise you from the choice of space and location through complete refurbishment, legal and regulatory issues, slot mix selection, staffing and ongoing operational support, consulting on marketing strategies and trends.
    By actively engaging in the online digital business, we strive to bring the latest technologies in client monitoring and loyalty systems to engage in proper target audience marketing and maximising client retention.

  • Custom Software Development

    Gamayuns' roots are custom software development, and we are still thrilled to provide you with full-scale services in this area. Whether you have ready-made project specification or just a project idea, we will guide you step-by-step through the entire process. Please see our recent projects and make your picture.

    Our expertise lies in:
    - Mobile Application Development
    - Slot Games/Jackpots Development
    - Transactional Systems Development
    - Hardware programming
    - Military applications

    Gamayun will deliver your project as a ready to market product.

  • Artboard 29

    Personal Leasing

    Many companies are afraid to outsource their projects to external service providers. However, hiring staff members for just one project can be costly plus you might struggle to find the right people at the right time. Gamayun is happy to provide you with qualified software engineers, graphic artists and database architects on a personal leasing basis. What does it mean for you as a Gamayun client?
    We will "lease" you the required team members to work in-house or externally on your project, attend all related meetings, training courses, presentations, or anything else whether in person or over the internet.
    - You might need to make a push for a quicker release, Gamayun can promptly scale up your development team.
    - You might be not happy with some of the professionals working on your project; we will replace them - no questions asked.
    - Your project is over; there is no hard "divorce" - call us if you might need us again.
    Moreover, you will hardly find more competitive pricing anywhere.