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Who we are?

Gamayun, s.r.o. is a holding company based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Established as a “project house” in 2015 we have been able to transform to a multi-national holding company with branches in Sofia, Vilnius, Minsk, Kiev, and Riga. Our companies offer our clients a full range of services from essential software development to creating sophisticated systems that involve both manufacturing and deployment support. From 2018 on Gamayun is providing consulting, accounting and audit services to our existing clients and we are extending these to a broader customer base starting from the third quarter of this year.

We should make more...

Established as a "project house" in 2015... That's the past, the present and highly likely the future of Gamayun. We like "project making" as it always brings new challenges and helps us to refine our skills even more. In this section, you will find some of the most recent projects developed by Gamayun. You might too notice that some of the projects became actual products that are being marketed by the Client and Gamayun alike.


Nowadays, jackpots are very popular among both casino operators and players, as they provide desirable results for both parties. Casinos benefit from the increased customer traffic on their floors, as players are lured in by the vast numbers shown on the displays, wondering how one can spend so much money.

With slot games becoming more visually appealing, there is an increasing need for "modernizing" the jackpot systems. For the past years, Gamayun has been successfully refactoring existing products. The primary objective is always to reduce the hardware footprint while simultaneously increasing the visual appeal of the Jackpot through the proprietary C++ based Gamayun JP-engine. Below you can see our deployed projects. Please contact us for a free assessment and quote.

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SynaGo for CHABAD, Szentendre

Gamayun has strong ties to the Jewish community of Slovakia and Hungary. We are proud to be friends of CHABAD and are more than happy to have a chance to be a tiny tool to support CHABAD on its mission to: "Utilize internet technology to unite Jews worldwide, empower them with knowledge of their 3.300-year-old tradition, and foster within them a deeper connection to Judaism's rituals and faith".
Under the supervision of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Myers, Gamayun has created the SynaGO mobile app. SynaGo is your Synagogue on-the-go. It is a comprehensive platform for all your Jewish needs. The application is continuously updated, uniting communities in Eastern Europe and worldwide. Please check out the app and see You next year in Jerusalem!


BSUIR - Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics

Gamayun developed a "Database of electronic devices, materials and products for electromagnetic protection (based on measurements results)". That's more of James Bond stuff and can be only mentioned briefly. This is a four-year project where we are collaborating with highly skilled specialists in the areas of electromagnetic protection of highly sensitive devices with applications in the Defense Industry.


StarBet.COM - iOS, Android, WEB

StarBet.COM is the Brand of Starsportwetten GmbH which is a licensed bookmaker based in Innsbruck, Austria. The client requirements were to create a mobile sports-betting application to keep up with the growing competition in the online market. The Gamayun team has researched the leading competition offers and has created a mobile application based on the clients' requirements. The whole project is structured as an "organic" ongoing development, with new features added to the product continuously. Currently, the iOS product is restricted to the Austrian AppStore with the Andriod and Mobile Web versions accessible through.

Mass Coin Depositing Solution (Multiple Brands)

Our client has approached us with the task to create a mass coin depositing device based on Phoenix Processing Software that collects coins from customers in exchange for product vouchers and banknotes. 
A. Gamayun has sourced and tested OEM coin counting devices to determine their speed and reliability before settling for one of the manufacturers. B. The next step was to select a kiosk/terminal manufacturer who can design and build the kiosk at a competitive price without sacrificing the quality. C. After a series of prototypes, we have come up with two form factors. The first being a large kiosk with advertising screen, optional cash-note dispenser, camera and QR code reader. The second one small and easy to move around. D. The final prototypes have arrived in the Slovak Republic for certification with the TSU. The certification is obtained, and the prototypes are ready to go into serial production.
The Phoenix Processing system is delivered as a customized version for each of the target markets. You can read more about it in the Product section of this website. 


Finder - Logic Games

Finder is a land-based logic games platform. BMM Spain certified the platform with the following conclusion:

The system does not feature an RNG engine. Instead, all games' results are obtained from a fixed sequence of 500.000 games results by predefined non-random algorithms, so each game outcome is known beforehand. Players can view the aforementioned sequence freely in the help menu.
- FINDER is a set of logical and non-random games. Every game uses fixed and cycled sets of symbols (500 000 sets in each game). The available games have 8 difficulty levels and each of those levels (selected with the "Points" button) has its own starting position.
- The player can select the level before starting the game and use the "Help" option to check the current position in the sequence as well as future sets before starting the game. Every set on the game field has its own unique number (e.g. numbers 137, 138 and 139 above). The number of the current set of symbols in the game is marked in red and available on the game field in the HELP section of the game.
- After selecting the number of points and starting the game, the set of symbols in the game moves by one (+1) for the selected difficulty level. If the player continues the game, the next set is shown for the current level.
- It points out the cyclic nature of games, that, through continuation, can be shown as n+1, where n is the number of the last set on the playing field for its difficulty level. If the player leaves the game and returns to it again the game will start from the end of the previous game (n+1)

The system can be deployed in markets which regulate RNG based games. Please contact us for a demo. 

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SoScan is an access control solution primarily used in gaming venues. The solution contains a hardware ID scanner, Windows Client and an optional analytics module (with or without GDPR).

System benefits:
- Saving time against manual data input
- Automatic detection immediately after inserting the document
- Flexible reading of ID documents of various types, including diacritics
- Fake ID detection
- Patron statistics


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