Vipor is a breakthrough, mobile CRM app that makes it simple to track what you did with your clients, organize what you need to do for them, and get things done – so you can build better business relationships and be even more successful.

Vipor is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone whose success depends on long-lasting client relationships.

Vipor manages your calendars, contacts and tasks all in one simple CRM app that does all this and more.

**Tracks what you did**
• Tracks your daily activities including calls, meetings, emails and tasks – and links each activity to the specific client or group of clients for a complete history log of all your interactions at your fingertips.
• Keeps unlimited notes from meetings and conversations stored with each client record for instant recall of past discussions.
• Includes the ability to add unlimited custom fields to track whatever additional client information you need, such as where you met, food preferences and other special things.


**Organizes what you need to do**
• Shows each day’s schedule at-a-glance on the integrated dashboard that you can filter to show calls, meetings or tasks.
• Stores a chronological list of all upcoming activities related to each client so you’ll never miss a follow-up task or upcoming meeting.

**Helps you get things done**
• Sends the same email to a group all at once which appear as individual emails when viewed by your clients – a huge time saver!
• Makes (and automatically logs) phone calls from your iPad using the new Continuity feature of iOS 8/OS X Yosemite.
• Set the date, time, and location for a meeting – even choose participants, enter notes and schedule follow-up activities with a few clicks.
• Choose between a “long swipe” to mark a simple task complete or “short swipe” to complete and record an outcome.
• Imports contacts from Apple Contacts and activities from Apple Calendar.


**Syncs between Mac, iPhone and iPad versions.**
• Plus, you have full offline access and there are no monthly fees. You own it – just like you own your business!